District Update – 3:00 pm

Today we have received an enormous amount of rainfall within the district and earlier today we lost power at the storm water drainage system pump station. Power has been restored and the pump station is currently running at full capacity. Please check this website for updates.

Weather Update

The Board of Directors for MCMUD 89 are monitoring Tropical Depression Imelda and its effects within the District. Please check this website for updates.

Storm Drainage Pump System is Operational

Today’s isolated heavy rain event may have dumped about 4 inches in less than an one hour causing rain water to backup on several streets. The Storm Drainage Pump System is operational and being monitored by Municipal Operations Consulting, as well as MUD 89. Please be safe and monitor local weather reports and warnings for the next several days.

Tax Rate Reduction

The Board of Directors of Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 89 approves property tax reduction of 6.28 cents and a 5% homestead exemption for 2018-19 budget.

The Board of Directors of Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 89 has recently approved two property tax cost reduction measures for 2018-19 budget. First, a 5% homestead exemption of the county appraisal value will go into effect this year. Secondly, the district cut 6.28 cents from last years tax rate, reducing property tax bills across the district. The overall average property tax savings per bill will be about $250.00 on a county property appraisal value of $225,000 with the homestead exemption. Your actual tax savings will vary based upon each individual property appraisal value.

Sign Replacement Project

The District is underway with another improvement project. All traffic signage throughout Legends Ranch and Legends Run are being replaced to bring the signage into compliance with the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD). The Contractor completing the work is Stripes & Stops Company, Inc. and they are expected to be complete in June 2018.

Fire Hydrant Recoating Project

Fire Hydrants are an essential part of the District’s water distribution system. They not only provide fire protection, but are also utilized for flushing of the water distribution system to help maintain chlorination levels in areas of low usage. Therefore, it’s important to keep the fire hydrants properly maintained and coated. During the month of May 2018, the District’s Operator will be recoating all of the approximately 120 fire hydrants throughout Legends Ranch.