Smart Meter Installations

On Monday, April 8 meter installations began in Montgomery County MUD 89. The installs will continue until all meters have been replaced with Ultrasonic Smart Meters. The process should take no more than a few weeks.

What to Expect as a homeowner:

Meter Installs typically take around 15 minutes, and the meter technician will knock on your door before the installation begins. Expect loss of water during time of install. Once the install is finished, if you have loss in pressure, open faucets in your home to release any air that may be in the line.

Upon completion of the project, door tags will be dispersed that will provide further information on how to take advantage of the benefits of your new meter. The meters will allow you to:

  • Monitor water usage on any internet-capable device
  • View a graphic presentation of your hourly consumption
  • Set leak alerts
  • Have more consistent meter readings and predictable billing

Please, be expecting your new meter within the upcoming weeks and prepare to take advantage of the new metering technology in the near future.


Montgomery County MUD 89

Montgomery County MUD 89 Introduces Smart Meters

In the name of conservation and customer convenience, Montgomery County MUD 89 recently decided to install smart water meters. These meters have electronic sensors that measure water flow, which allows them to have more accuracy. With the use of a smart phone app, customers are able to keep a closer eye on their water consumption. The District will begin replacing the old mechanical meters with new digital ones. More information will be provide once the smart meters are being installed.

Why Install Smart Meters?

The Badger E-Series meters with the use of EyeOnWater allow for:

  • Accurate meter recording
  • Access to your account via the web or smart phone
  • Consistent meter readings and more predictable billing
  • A graphic presentation of your hourly consumption that will allow you to track your highest usage periods. This enables you to make more educated decisions regarding your water consumption
  • The system will provide potential Leak detection in your household

Tax Rate Reduction

The Board of Directors of Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 89 approves property tax reduction of 6.28 cents and a 5% homestead exemption for 2018-19 budget.

The Board of Directors of Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 89 has recently approved two property tax cost reduction measures for 2018-19 budget. First, a 5% homestead exemption of the county appraisal value will go into effect this year. Secondly, the district cut 6.28 cents from last years tax rate, reducing property tax bills across the district. The overall average property tax savings per bill will be about $250.00 on a county property appraisal value of $225,000 with the homestead exemption. Your actual tax savings will vary based upon each individual property appraisal value.

Independence Day Trash Collection

In observance of Independence Day, there will be no trash collection on Wednesday, July 4th. Trash collection will resume on the next scheduled service day.